Our Corporate Kitchen operates within schools, colleges, universities, banks and other companies. Veranda’s Corporate Kitchen has demonstrated great success in operating within different segments of the industry whilst satisfying the diverse needs of individual customers and clients.

We understand and appreciate the enormity of time and economic constraints that large corporate concerns and public and civil institutions undertake to ensure the smooth operation of their staff canteen or cafeteria.

Our Industrial Catering Service provides prepared food and beverages on a large scale to corporate and institutional canteens and cafeterias, as well as many other specialized facilities, effectively managed and controlled through the installation of efficient point-of-sale and stock-control systems.


  • We produce quality food by implementing a standardized recipe-and-working-procedure, based on the specified menu, at the appropriate timing in the appropriate manner as desired.
  • We serve quality food in an adequate quantity, whilst avoiding shortages and eliminating wastage.
  • We procure the necessary raw materials and ingredients (non-perishables on a monthly basis and perishables on a daily basis) for the production of the required menu.
  • We employ wait-staff for the serving of food where required, and cleaning staff for the cleaning of the kitchen equipment, food production area and the food service area.
  • We provide the necessary uniforms for our staff, with the necessary laundry provision for the washing and maintenance thereof and
    We train and motivate our staff to provide a friendly and efficient all-round service.

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